How to Borrow Someone’s Phone in DC

Heart is racing, breathing gets hoarse, fingers get sweaty, you’re feeling twitchy, trying to get your last feels in, Do you recognize this picture?

Nothing is worse than having your phone die in this day and age. Your family and friends are always telling you: Don’t rely on it. It’s not going to be there for you when you need it most. Your response? It’ll last forever.


I have this tendency of sitting in coffee shops while working as well as mostly distracting myself by people-watching. And I’ve learned that when your phone dies, it’s also the best place to prey on those who are rapidly firing texts at everyone in their phone; You know you frequent a coffee shop when you’re doing this hoping to get multiple responses as well as feel wanted.

The thing to keep in mind is phone-borrowing etiquette.

Is that a thing? APPARENTLY.

While I don’t mind lending my phone out to people, I have a hard time watching the way they handle it. Their palms are sweaty after waiting 15 minutes to 1 hr. to find the perfect opportunity to ask: Can I borrow your phone?

My favorite part is when they don’t tell you that it’s actually so they can have a 30-minute conversation that gets absolutely nowhere.

I tend to wipe my head even if there’s no sweat, hoping they’ll end it. My phone’s betrayed me. Sometimes people will call interrupting my other calls at the wrong time, but this time? Nope.

Additionally, payphones have gone extinct in DC. You know, the ones at the metro that you rely on because you’ve turned 18 and still don’t have a phone.

I say bring those classy payphones-that-sometimes-but-not-always-steal-your-money back.

Anyway I went off-track a bit; The point is: Don’t feel nervous borrowing someone’s phone but also don’t have a conversation like it’s YOUR phone. I know it’s just a piece of material crap, but it helps us connect with those who are distances away from us.